Folktale Week: path

Puoi leggere l'articolo in italiano

In Val Germanasca in the north-west Italy, right in the middle of the old road that leads to Prali, there is a huge rock split in half. According to a funny legend, the fault is all of a greedy donkey.

La Roccho eiclapâ (split rock) on the old road to Prali

One day, as sometimes happens in the mountains, the fog in the valley was so thick that it looked like a surface made of clouds. A donkey was quietly grazing the grass on a slope when, looking towards the other side, he saw that the pastures were much more inviting and the flowers much more fragrant. So, he ventured on the path of clouds that were so dense that we could walk on them. But halfway through, the fog cleared, and the poor donkey fell with such force that it split the great rock on the banks of the stream.