Leonora Camusso is an illustrator based in Italy.

She was born and raised in a small town, deep in the mountains between Italy and France.
When she was a little girl, she would spend her day strolling through the meadows and woods with pencils and a sketchbook. It was then that she deeply connected with the natural world and with drawing.
Growing up, she studied illustration and animation at IED, European Institute of Design, in Turin, for four years. Later on, she went on to explore a variety of other different creative fields and started working as a graphic designer as well as an illustrator.

Now she lives at the foot of the mountains, and she is focusing on her illustration career.

Leonora can’t stop drawing and creating even for a minute. She’s always excited to work on new projects that allow her to use different skills, from her beloved watercolour to digital illustration.
She believes that people’s love and wonder of nature is what can connect us as human beings.
She is really into animals and knowing all about them. The stranger, the better!
She loves to discover and pass on tales and legends, and she has also founded a project to gather and document local folklore from the area where she lives.
If you can’t find her at the desk, she’s probably strolling around the fields or up the mountainside with her sketchbook.
Some important things never change!

Here is an incomplete list of clients I enjoyed working with:
Milan Presse, Glénat Editions, Giunti Scuola, Editrice La Scuola, Castalia Editrice, SEI Editrice, Redint Studio, Galleria Davico, Meltingmedia, XR Safety Initiative, Forum Internazionale ed Europeo sulle Migrazioni, Mediterranean Hope, Otto per Mille Valdese, Riforma.it, Radio Beckwith Evangelica.