Folktale Week: secret

Puoi leggere l'articolo in italiano

At Nido dell’Orso, above Prali, on the Piedmontese Alps in Italy, there were two sisters of opposite souls: one was kind and a great worker, the other was rude and lazy. Although the good girl spent her days at work in the stable, she always had some money to buy new clothes and jewels that exalted her beauty. The jealous sister wanted to discover her secret and decided to spy on the girl while she was at work. And so, she saw that a black kitten came into the stable every day and the good girl offered him a bowl of fresh milk.

Nido dell’Orso – Prali, Val Germanasca

What she didn’t see, though, was the kitten that, after drinking all the milk, tapped the bowl until it magically filled with silver coins.
To discover the mystery, the lazy girl asked her sister to go to the stable in her place. The following day, when she found herself in front of the cat asking for milk, instead of stretching out the bowl she kicked it out. The cat came out of the barn and turned into a fairy, who, with an indignant gaze, abandoned those valleys forever.