Atlas of biodiversity, curious and unusual animals

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I was really looking forward to the release of this project which was incredibly engaging for me, from the design, to the layout and, of course, the illustrations.
The Atlas of biodiversity – curious and unusual animals, published by Sassi Junior, is a book where I, with my drawings and Emanuela Durand with her fantastic knowledge of nature, have talked about truly exceptional animals.

Each animal speaks of the characteristics that make it different from all the others, also making clear why it’s important in relation to the other organisms that live in its environment.

The echidna: beak, spines, legs turned backwards, is a mammal but lays eggs. Unusual, to say the least!
The boto, the freshwater dolphin that lives in the Amazon River, is entirely pink. Almost blind, he uses ultrasound to orient himself in the murky waters of the river.
The giant oarfish, an abyssal fish also called King of Herring, can reach 11 meters in length. According to legends, its sighting would announce the arrival of an earthquake.
The male capercaillie proudly flaunts his tail in a courtship display.

I never get tired of discovering new things about nature and its inhabitants! In this case, even if among the protagonists of the book there are some of my favorite animals, I have studied a lot to represent them at their best.

I portrayed each animal with a hint of its habitat, and I couldn’t resist integrating the original natural elements such as leaf printing, with leaves that I collected on walks near home.

The importance of preserving the environment and the conditions allowing other animals to live is a very important topic for me, and I am thrilled with this first volume. Oh yes, because Emanuela and I, with the excellent collaboration with the editorial staff of Sassi Junior, are working to tell and discover other interesting and amusing curiosities about a natural world that is increasingly fragile.

Available in English, Italian, and French