Illustrations inspired by the joy of being outside and learn to grow and take care of a vegetable garden.

Two children planting seeds. The boy is putting up a scarecrow, the girl is launching seeds and walking.
Plant your favorite vegetables
Three children are taking care of a vegetable gardening. A boy is watering the sprouts, and two girls are climbing a tree house.
Take care of the sprouts
A group of children is harvesting fruits and vegetables, a girl is pushing an hand-cart full of vegetables, a boy has a pack-basket full of apples, a girl is picking small tomatoes, a boy is swinging on a tree and picking apples.
Harvest and enjoy the fruits and vegetables
Colorful illustration of a turnip, a cauliflower, a butternut squash, a bunch of asparagus
Turnip, cauliflower, butternut squash, asparagus