ATLAS OF BIODIVERSITY – curious and unusual animals

Written by Emanuela Durand – Illustrated by Leonora Camusso

Published by Sassi Junior

Book cover Atlas of Biodiversity - Curious and unusual animals with an illustration of animals hugging the planet

In this book I illustrated 26 animals with incredible characteristics.

Double spread of the book Atlas of Biodiversity with an Echidna
Each double illustrated spread pages are rich in illustrations
and fun facts about a bizarre animal.
Double spread of the book Atlas of Biodiversity with a slow loris
Illustration of the oarfish
The giant oarfish, an abyssal fish also called King of Herring, can reach 11 meters in length.
According to legends, its sighting would announce the arrival of an earthquake.
Illustration of a capercaillie
The male capercaillie proudly flaunts his tail in a courtship display.
Illustration of a river dolphin
The boto, the freshwater dolphin that lives in the Amazon River, is entirely pink.
Almost blind, he uses ultrasound to orient himself in the murky waters of the river.
Illustration of a lesser mouse-deer
Lesser mouse-deer, the smallest of the deer family. With his sharp canines he defend himself against rivals.

Available in English, Italian and French