Illustrations for “10 in scienze”

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Fresh off the press in the bookstores, a book I worked on a few months ago came out: 10 in scienze, storia della vita sulla terra, (10 in Sciences, history of life on Earth), published by Centro Studi Erickson.
It’s been such an exciting project to work on because the illustrations I had to conceive were all about creatures that lived in the distant past, even tens or hundreds of millions of years ago. Therefore, the challenge was to reconstruct animals from various eras, from the primordial soup to the Ediacaran biota, from the dinosaurs up to the mammals.

Working on the illustrations, I discovered many things I didn’t know about the evolution of living beings: for instance, all the bizarre organisms of the Ediacaran biota, found since the late nineteenth century but only understood many years later and all to be studied still today.

10 in Scienze, Centro Studi Erickson 2020
Ediacaran biota. The reconstruction I drew of the first animals in their environment, 600 million years ago

We are used to thinking about dinosaurs, which ruled the Earth for 160 million years, as slow, cold-blooded green lizards. Yet, in the last decades, the studies on these fascinating animals have told us that they were very different, and I based my illustrations on these more recent representations. Furthermore, it seems that many ancestors of birds, theropods like the velociraptor, had feathers.

10 in Scienze, Centro Studi Erickson 2020
Mammals of the Cenozoic
Woolly rhinoceros, woolly mammoth and smilodon. Animals adapted to face the ice ages.
During the Cenozoic, there were also our primate ancestors.

In addition to the book, I also contributed to the cards/game with my illustrations.

This one is dedicated to the creation of a dinosaur-themed memory game!

In this period, I am working on various books of scientific communication, and this allows me to develop more and more a part of my style suitable for this type of project.
I was thrilled to leaf through this volume, and I am really proud to have participated in realizing such a valid project on a topic that fascinates me so much!