Birds in folklore: the kingfisher

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For my series of illustrations on legends and birds, I decided to dedicate one to the kingfisher. I have already drawn this bird, but I find this little guy irresistible and so here he is again.

One of my favorite myths is the story of Alcyone and Ceyx.
Two lovers, named Alcyone and Ceyx, offended Hera and Zeus who, as a punishment, transformed them into two mythical “halcyons”, birds identified with the kingfisher. Their nest was on the cliffs, but the ever-storming sea threatened to destroy it.

Out of pity, Aeolus decided to calm the storm for 14 days at the turn of the winter solstice so that the two birds could reproduce. Today in Greece, the beautiful days in the middle of winter are called the “days of halcyon”.

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