Atlas of Biodiversity: Oceans and Seas

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round colorful illustration of sea creatures

The third volume of the Atlases of Biodiversity: Seas and Oceans is now available in bookstores!

In this volume, written as usual by the incomparable Emanuela Durand and illustrated by me, we touched some of the most beautiful, fascinating and fragile marine ecosystems on the planet.

The guide we have chosen for this journey into the deep blue is microplankton, a tiny microorganism at the base of the food chain of many ocean creatures.

Leafing through the pages you first get to the most colorful areas close to the coast, such as the Australian Long Reef and the Coral Reef of the Red Sea.

We then moved on to discover who lives in the Great Blue Hole, to extricate themselves among the leaves of the giant kelp forest of California

to get to my favorite illustrations, the ones on the great giants of the Pelagos Sanctuary in the Mediterranean

and the weird forms of life in the depth that I enjoyed studying and drawing in the Mariana Trench.

The journey continues through increasingly remote places, such as the Chuuk Lagoon, the twilight zone, up to Point Nemo, the place in the middle of the ocean that is farthest from land.

What I have tried to convey with the illustrations in this volume is that beneath the surface of the water lives a world of beings that are sometimes colored, sometimes transparent or mimetic, but with a variety of incredible shapes and habits.

It was nice to complete the project and finally have the printed book in my hands, but I have to say that I’d love to do another nice creative dive into that blue world, largely still unexplored.

You can find the book “Atlas of Biodiversity – Oceans and Seas” in bookstores, on various online stores or on the publisher’s website, Sassi Junior.