Paper toys for Christmas 2021: Wren

Puoi leggere l'articolo in italiano

Here is the second Christmas paper toy, another bird to hang on the tree.

You can find the first one here.


The wren is a very lively and small bird, measuring just 10 cm!

Here is a curiosity about him

In folklore, he is considered the King of birds.

According to a legend, one day all the birds of the world gathered to organize a flight competition. Whoever flew higher would have won the crown of the King of the Birds. So every specimen of every species soared in the sky, and the wren, determined to win, began flapping its wings wildly. But soon, he got tired and was overtaken by the mighty eagle. Since he had no intention of giving up, he slyly hid among the feathers of the big bird waiting for it to reach as high as possible. At this point, he took a leap flying higher than everyone else. The eagle, exhausted and furious, accepted defeat by crowning the wren King of the Birds.

If you want to show me how you decorated your tree with paper birds, send me a photo or tag me on Instagram!