The lore sketchbook

When I go to a new place I like to know the local folktales and illustrate them in my sketchbook. It doesn’t matter if is in the middle of the ocean or in the mountains near my home, there is always some interesting tale I can illustrate!

Melusina the mermaid-fairy from the European folklore
Anjana, a fairy from the Cantabrian folklore (Spain)
The “janare”, witches from the Italian region Campania and the walnut tree of Benevento
Legend from Portugal: the almond flowers and the queen of the north

Piedmont legend: The hen, the boilersmith and the shepherd
The Krakonoš, a folklore mountain spirit known in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany
The yokai Amabie from the Japanese folklore
Legend of Piemonte: the devil and the aqueduct
Legend of Piemonte: the donkey and the split rock

Legend of Piemonte: the spirit-goat

Legend of Piemonte: the lake fairy and the prince
Azorean Legend: “Lagoa das Furnas”